Vacuum Brazed Heat Sinks

After Extrusions cooling peek out, when you electronics need more cooling than extrusions can provide, ThermaMasters can design a cool solution. Our brazed air cooled heat sink design combine proven reliability excellent performance to cost ratio.
Air cooled heat sinks has helped engineers meet their cooling needs for decades. 

  • Fins as thin as 0.6mm
  • Fin spacing as close as 2.0mm
  • Fins brazed to a base plate provides heat transfer of solid Aluminum 

ThermaMasters design team will design and build a heat sink to meet you requirements or we will build to your specifications. Working with our Customers/Partners early in the concept stage has been the best approach. We have been able to reduce package size with increased cooling, creating savings for our Customers.
We call it Cool Savingsā€¦ 

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