About ThermaMasters

ThermaMasters, L.L.C. is a manufacturer of high quality Vacuum Brazed Heat Sinks, Cold Plates, Chill Plates, and Heat Exchanger Cores. Plus, ThermaMasters, L.L.C. patented process for Bonded Heat Sinks offers superior performance when compared to traditional bonded heat sinks.

Air cooled Vacuum Brazed and Bonded Heat Sinks are used by manufactures of drive units for automation equipment, inverter drives, power converters, electric welding equipment, power semi-conductor devices, and other electronic devices.

Cold Plates and Chill Plates are liquid cooled heat sinks used in cooling high-powered electrical and electronic devises.

Heat Exchangers use air to cool air, water, oil, and other liquids. Applications include Charged Air Coolers for turbocharged diesel engines, Intercoolers for turbocharged gas engines, Radiator, Oil Coolers , and cooling for process liquids or air.

Many of our customers have the ability to design their own heat dissipation devices. However, if you need design assistance, ThermaMasters, L.L.C. can provide a Customized Design to your individual application. We look forward to helping you in the Design and/or Manufacture of your next Heat Dissipation Device.

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