Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazing is a distinctive difference for ThermaMasters. Picture below is one of our newest Vacuum Brazing Oven. We have the capacity to ThermaBraze a product that can fit into a 48” x48”x 64” chamber. We are able to thermal couple a part for real time temperature monitored Brazing. 

Clean parts are very important in the brazing process. We run all our parts thru an Aquinas Washer prior to brazing. Then timing is everything proper brazing cycle.

ThermaMasters design team will design and build a heat sink to meet you requirements or we will build to your specifications. Working with our Customers/Partners early in the concept stage has been the best approach. We have been able to reduce package size with increased cooling, creating savings for our Customers. We call it Cool Savings…

Our Engineers can be reached for a Cool experience by filling out: Engineering Services Inquiry Form.